Subiaco and its Magnificent Museums...

Leave everything behind and achieve serenity and inner peace in a beautiful, unique and special place.
This is Sacro Speco, also known as Monastery of St. Benedict.
When Benedict, around his twenties, decided to withdraw from the social life to live in solitude and communion with God, he took shelter in a small cave among the mountains of Subiaco. He lived in this incredible and special place for three years, with resilience, grace, faith, and prayer.
The cave was adapted to host an immense set of churches decorated with paintings and frescoes of incomparable beauty from the first Byzantine works, chapels, with a view that leaves us gaping.
To enjoy the sacred place where St. Benedict, the supreme exponent of the Benedictine Order, has lived his spiritual life, without doubt is an experience that will guarantee you a unique and particularly mystical emotion.