The Colorful and Wonderful Cinque Terre

La Spezia is a province in northern Italy that hides five treasures, the so-called "Cinque Terre", which means the "Five Lands". It is known as the "Italian Riviera" due to its special and enchanting landscape: the colors of the imposing mountains that blend in with the endless tones of the Ligurian sea, a scenery that seems to have been painted by the hand of a great artist.

It is the perfect destination for an escape of two or three days, which allow us to discover a natural resort composed of five beautiful seaside locations. Altogether, it is an extension eighteen kilometers long that unite these unknown tourist locations. We are talking about of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, a group considered Patrimony of Humanity.

Here you will experience the feeling that time does not pass. The Cinque Terre are so welcoming that they can be easily walked on foot, even if you need a boat to arrive in each one of them. Paradisiacal coves, rocky cliffs, magnificent scenery and routes that will delight the trekking adepts. To all of this, add the authentic flavor of the Italian gastronomy, with delicious fish recipes.

Cinque Terre goes from Punta Mesco to Punta de Montero. Seen from above, it will appear that we are facing a kind of balconies on the sea in a very inclined plane, with a window to the crystalline sea.

We'll give you a bit more information about each one:

Monterosso al Mare: It is the most populated city of the "Cinque Terre" and the one with the most extensive beaches in the region. One of the main attractions is the beach of Fegina, accessible through a tunnel.

Vernazza: Located on a small promontory and sloping over the sea, it has only one way to be accessed. Known for its small harbor, has a natural recess that allows the mooring of small boats. Oh, and the wine... The Vernaccia, a local wine that is known throughout La Spezia.

Corniglia: It is the only one that has no direct relation with the sea and where you arrive after descending the Lardarina, a long staircase with a total of 377 steps (it also can be reached by the road that connects with the train station, which in turn is linked to the previous village by a trail between the sea and the mountain). It is situated on a promontory high about one hundred meters, surrounded by vineyards.

Manarola: It is located on a hill between the Ligurian Sea and the mountain range that separates from the Apennines. It extends itself through the valley until the port. Do not forget to ask for the Via di Mezzo... It is impossible not to find it because it is the main street, and it follows the course of the Groppo River.

Riomaggiore: It owes its name to the river that bears the same name - Maggiore - because its historical center, dating from the thirteenth century, is situated in the same valley. The houses were distributed at different levels, following the steep course of the river.

And believe me, if paradise exists, it's in the Cinque Terre!