Important Information before Traveling

Required Documents: For Brazilian citizens, only a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of arrival in the country, with a minimum of 3 blank pages, is accepted (although some countries require a larger number of blank pages).

Visas: Brazilians do not need a visa for Italy if they are traveling for tourist purposes and staying for up to 90 days;

Vaccines: Brazilians do not need to take any vaccine to visit Italy;

Children under 18 traveling alone: authorization* of the father and the mother, with a recognized signature in 3 ways (for children traveling without the presence of the father and mother, or accompanied by third parties). The same rule applies when accompanied by only one parent, it is needed the authorization with recognized signature* of the parent who will not travel.
Defective or incomplete documentation — passport, RG, lack of visas or impossibility of entering any country expressed to the passenger by the local authorities — will be the exclusive responsibility of the passenger, exempting the operator from any responsibility, including reimbursement of any kind, or extra expenses.
Your boarding pass must have the same surname as your identification document with which you will travel (passport).
You should always show up at the airport in advance. For international flights, at least, three hours before. We always recommend that you confirm in advance, with the airline, if your flight schedule is maintained or if there has been any change.

Luggage: beware of the overweight! Most airlines and ground carriers accept a 20kg bag and a 5kg handbag. But remember that you will probably make purchases while traveling.

Tourist bus on your trip: you will spend a lot of time on the bus, not being able to stop where and when you wish. Keep in mind that the European bus pattern is somewhat different from the American one. The space is smaller and the seats, although comfortable, are more rigid and prepared for long distance trips.
Buses do not have a bathroom on board and when they have, their use is not allowed by European legislation due to hygiene and safety. So, take advantage of the technical stops to use the bathroom. Also in compliance with European legislation, it is not allowed to remain inside the bus while the rest of the group is visiting or walking somewhere else. You will be sharing this space throughout your journey with different people who have different habits. For the well-being of all, hygiene and cleanliness should be a priority

Remember: leave the space the same way you would like to find it the next day. Guides and Drivers Most of our trips have 3 professionals involved:
- Tour Leader or Professional Assistant: professional who follows the group throughout the trip and acts in support of the technical, operational, and logistic issues of the trip.
- Local guide: graduated professional, qualified, and licensed to act as tour guide.
- Driver: has as the main function leading the group in the fulfillment of the schedule (trips, tours, visits).
The main function of these professionals is to coordinate the group activities and provide assistance to passengers during the tour. They are not available to meet the personal needs of each member of the group. It is not their assignment to carry luggage, to accompany the passenger in personal activities, to be available other than the hours of the tour schedule, or any other activity that is not strictly pertinent to the itinerary of the travel.

Punctuality: Your travel itinerary provides a series of activities and trips. Therefore, it is important to be punctual. Be aware of the Group Leader instructions and / or guide about the schedules, length of visits, meeting points, and so on and so forth. Remember that you are part of a group and the schedule should not be hampered by the delay of some participants.

Hotels: Europe is known as the "old continent", the cradle of culture and history. It preserves wonders from our past and draws people from all over the world to enjoy them.
Whole cities are considered World Heritage; streets and buildings are listed as historical and cultural heritage. Often hotels are established in old buildings, and sometimes do not offer many facilities. Take into account the context in which they are inserted. European circuits often use hotels that are placed outside of the city center, as central hotels have a limited number of rooms and do not accommodate large groups. In addition, European legislation restricts the circulation of tourist buses in the historical city centers.
Your group is going to stay in the hotels mentioned in the travel itinerary. However, they may be subject to change without prior notice.
When visiting touristic destinations during some major events (fairs, congresses, etc.), especially in major European capitals or important cities such as Paris, Rome, or Florence, the group may be host in nearby cities.
In Venice the lodging is made in nearby cities ** (Mestre, Marghera, Treviso, Padua, among others) since the island is not prepared to accommodate groups, besides the excessive cost of the daily stays in hotels, which would make it impossible to maintain the relation cost — benefit that European circuits offer.
** Obviously if the group is small and wants to stay on the island, it should be communicated at the time of the budget request.
Italy receives about 50 million tourists annually, so reservations must be made as far in advance as possible.

International Communication - With internet it became very easy to communicate with any part of the World. Almost all destinations have cyber cafes, coaches with Wi-Fi on board or internet in the hotels. But if you want to call in, give preference to public phone calls. Calling from hotels is expensive, and they charge even on collect calls. The most economical option is the phone cards, sold in newsstands or convenience stores. With them you can call home: enter the code printed on the card, your country code for calling abroad, and then the cellphone number.
Now that you are aware of some details... Have a great trip!