Dear Sirs,
We would like to express our satisfaction with the care provided by Asiarca's team regarding the trip of the Shirabayashi Family during the holidays in Italy.

From the first contact with our agency to the completion of the trip itself, everything went perfectly well, and your concern about providing a competent service that meets the high level of quality demanded by us and our customers was evident.

We hope this was the first of many businesses that we will do together, whenever we think of Italy, we will think of ASIARCA!
Best Regards

Elaine Gerpe
Commercial Director of PEGA Events and Tourism / Mafê Incentives and Events

My client, who traveled in November 2016, only praised for Asiarca Tour Italia. Thank you very much for the affection and be sure that I will hire you for future services.

The drivers were much cordial at all times and they fully catered to the wishes of the customer who traveled to Catania and Palermo, with hiking in the Mount Etna and car tours in Syracuse.

Claudio Pacheco
Commercial director KIND TOURS

Asiarca Tour Italia received our group, which came from another destination, in a very caring and professional way.

All members of our group really enjoyed the service we were given during the days we spent with Asiarca, in our trips to Rome, the Vatican, Naples and Pompeii.

We at YouvipTur are sure that we will do other group packages with Asiarca services in the next year of 2017.

Leonel Leal
General Menager

I am very happy to recommend Asiarca Tour Italia.

I had the opportunity to meet it in person during my professional experience through the national secretariat of CNA-Fita, where I currently coordinate at the national level the personal transportation sector.

During the development of the operations of the ASIARCA TOUR ITALIA Tour Operator, and also of the ALFATOUR Bus Operator, directly managed by Maurizio Lo Presti, I have noticed the absolute dedication of the company in the care of every detail of the trips. This care for detail is also seen through the comfort and pleasure we can find in their transports.

The company has an extensive experience and we can define it as historical, as it operates continuously since 1989. It is esteemed and respected within the Italian production market, as it always operates with integrity and reliability.

The seriousness, consistency and professionalism of the company is reflected in the DNA of its general manager, Maurizio Lo Presti, who I met personally through direct collaboration with CNA-FITA, the Italian Association for the transport of people, handicrafts and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The business reality borned within the Lo Presti family is considered an example of commitment and attention to the detail, and for this reason I am writing this recommendation letter with esteem.

Enrico Bossa
National responsible for CNA-Fita

My trip to Italy was truly an incredible experience, I am very grateful to the staff of Asiarca T. Italia, who assisted me every time since the preparation of the trip to the reception in the still unknown country. I felt very safe since the staff spoke Portuguese fluently, making our communication very easy. I had the opportunity to walk in absolutely charming cities. The staff showed much punctuality and concern for details.

I highly recommend the company for all the helpfulness and attention paid to me and my family!

Renata Paz

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to and I was really surprised by its charms and incredible works of art as much I was surprised by the services provided by Asiarca T. Italia, who organized an impressive group trip: fantastic tours, fair amount of days to know each city well, well located hotels and very friendly guides that allowed us to enjoy every minute of our stay in the beautiful and unforgettable Italy!

Ana Gallego

I was introduced to Asiarca through a friend and using her services, I bought a package of trips. First, I was delighted with the receptiveness of its staff, with their product knowledge and its excellent cost-benefit.

During the trip, I counted on very well prepared and gentle guides, enchanting cities that were unknown to me, and very well elaborated tours. I recommend the company Asiarca T.Italia and in the near future, I really want to travel with them again.

Alberto Tenaglia

Getting to know Italy with the services of Asiarca T.Italia, made all the difference in my trip with the family. We met beautiful cities, the tours were very well planned, the guides were attentive and very polite, the bus used in our journeys was very comfortable and the hotels were of excellent quality.

My whole family loved the experience and we will certainly count on Asiarca on our next adventure!

Fátima Bontempo

  • Phone Number: (+55 11) 2854-5629

Welcoming agency, lovely staff, well elaborated tours. This agency is of extreme confidence as it is in the market for many years, serving with much affection.

Suelen Ferreira
Student, from Itapetininga

Asiarca T. Italia is an extremely receptive, organized tour operator, and has a very welcoming staff. Very reliable, I highly recommend it!

Regina dos Santos
Teacher, São Paulo

That Italy is a stunning country everyone knows it, but getting to know this country by visiting, specially, places that go beyond postcards is even better. So, if you like specialized tourism, to discover incredible places, and with a dedicated, organized and high level team, look for the Asiarca team. I'm sure your trip will be unforgettable!

You notice that there is concern from all the staff with the well-being and the security of the people, mainly from its director, Maurizio Lo Presti.

Mira Silva
Journalist, Salvador